Interactive Visualisation Framework Ivf++

About Ivf++

Ivf++ is a C++ library encapsulating OpenGL functionality. The primary goal is to make it easier to use the OpenGL library in interactive 3D applications. The second goal is extendibility, providing a set of well defined base classes for different object types to build new classes on. The third goal is portability, primarily between Linux and Windows, but the library should also be easily ported to Mac OS X.

Initially the Ivf++ library was developed to aid in the visualisation research at department. During mid-99 the library had matured and was used to develop tools for visualisation of large fibre networks. Also during this time I was introduced to Carl-Johan Lejdfors, at that time working at the department of Theoretical Chemistry at Lund University. He was working on a visualisation and control application for particle simulations and was in need for visualisation library. The library had at that time been developed on the Windows platform using C++ and OpenGL.

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